Areas of intervention

Areas of Intervention

1. Clean water and sanitation (Building, repairing and maintaining water wells; Distribution of water filters; Construction of solar-powered water pumps; Vocational training and integration in areas pertaining to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Construction of dams and catch basins; Construction of sanitary facilities; Provision of water tanks; etc.).

2. Solar energy (Promoting solar lighting and solar cooking; Construction of solar power plants to support healthcare, education, income and wealth creation, water supply, food and agriculture; Vocational training and integration in solar energy; Fueling entrepreneurship; etc.).

3. Food and nutrition security (School meals; Food aid; Livestock farming; Fighting against food wastage; Building resiliency to food crisis; Access to nutritious food; Access to land; Developing food production; Promoting sustainable agriculture; Vocational training and integration in food and agriculture; Food processing; etc.).

4. Environmental protection (Environmental education; Fostering ecofriendly practices; Protecting forests; Promoting ecological stoves; Conserving and managing natural resources related to water, energy, food and agriculture; Responding to climate change in the fields of water, energy, food and agriculture through mitigation and adaptation).

5. Education & healthcare (Capacity-building; Construction of schools, vocational training centers and hospitals; Providing equipment for healthcare, teaching and learning).

Clean Water

Food Processing

Environmental Protection

Solar Energy