Mission and Conviction


We are a non-profit committed to peace, justice and the well-being of people and communities. Driven by the conviction that inequalities, material and social deprivation hinder the resilience of societies, affect social participation and are sources of exclusion, frustration and social instability, we have formed a team with right skills to provide know-how and services that respond to current and future needs of communities. Environmental sustainability and social development mean peace. We stand for this conviction.

Due to  soil degradation, energy deficits, water scarcity, inequalities, poverty and hunger,  most people and communities across Benin are hopeless and strive for better living conditions, justice, equity and measures that secure resources for life. Such dream can become true and an effective goal only if daily actions are taken for and together with those who face acute disadvantage and are left behind, marginalized and underserved.

At HT BENIN, we feel the need to act for good environmental and social causes to support sustainable well-being for all in Benin. That's why we exist and work to achieve what follows:

  •  An ecofriendly society;
  • One country secured with energy and water and is free from poverty and hunger;
  • Social justice and equality for all.